At the time Vizbi first promised professional data visualizations with no coding, we couldn’t even guess our product would become appreciated by so many prominent industry experts. Today we are extremely proud to announce that Vizbi is now the proud holder of two prestigious quality awards from FinancesOnline!

FinancesOnline is one of today’s most reputed software review platforms. They use services of an experienced B2B team to compare solutions, and list down the best apps for each software category. Just recently, they prepared and published a detailed review of our software, where they explained the benefits one can expect from our product and shared their positive experience with Vizbi. According to the review team, much of Vizbi’s value as an intelligent data system was still something rare among our top competitors, which is one of the reasons they distinguished us with their SaaS awards. For the moment, Vizbi holds the 2017 Great User Experience Award (reserved for apps that offer a friendly and intuitive interface and allow employees to use them without training), and the 2017 Rising Star Award for the FinancesOnline business intelligence software category which appreciated our rapid development, and innovative approach towards data processing.

But what is it that makes Vizbi so special? As FinancesOnline’s experts explained, Vizbi has the rare, but invaluable capacity to work for no-code beginners just as well as it does for developers, and extract data from virtually every source you have at your disposal (Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgresql, Redis and Firebird, to mention a few). It is easy to use, and you can launch it in the blink of an eye, which makes it perfect for large and decentralized teams that need to save as much time as they can. On top of that, Vizbi’s storyboards and detailed data visualizations are viewable on all screens and devices, which means you can take intelligence out of the office, and stay in total control of important indicators. In addition to the awards we were also happy to learn that Vizbi was listed among top business intelligence solutions and market leaders.

We want to thank for recognizing our efforts, but also let them know we’re continuing to improve our service with the same pace. The best is yet to come!