Build beautiful vizualizations with and without code

Drag and drop to tell beautiful data driven stories, use SQL and Python when you need it.

Why use Vizbi?

Get started instantly

Build your visualizations with drag and drop, or build charts with SQL and Python. There is nothing to install you can have your first dashboard in minutes.

No data preparation

By connecting your existing data sources, the data preparation time is removed.

Visualize your databse

Connect your database and instantly see the structure and relationships of your data.

Tell beautiful stories

Mix and match charts types and maps to tell beautiful data with your data. Whether you are viewing your data on mobile or on a HDTV, your storyboard looks beautiful.

Private and shared dashboards

Share Dashboards within the team, or share them publicly. Collaborate on new data as it comes in.

Schedule reports

Schedule reports and get notified when regularly or when things change

And many more. See the full list.


Vizbi doesn’t need to use sample data. Our system will connect to your real data and allow you to build reports and dashboards from them. See our supported integrations

Evaluate Vizbi using your real data

Works Everywhere

Vizbi works everywhere. Start building your dashboard on your laptop, and continue on the go on your iPad. When your teammates open it on the phone, they see it as beautiful as you designed.

Embedded Analytics

Need to use inside your other apps? We have got you covered. Vizbi is the fastest way to add a new analytics based revenue stream for SaaS apps.

Need Vizbi on-premise? Need API based deep integration with your systems? Our Docker based deployments and well documented APIs will have you going in no time.

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Ready to get insight from your data?

“Data by itself is useless, data is useful only if you apply it.”
– Todd Park, second Chief Technology Officer of the United States

Turn my data to insight

Look at these beautiful storyboards

Real dashboards built with Vizbi. Live data connections.